These 5 benefits to exercise might help motivate you to make this habit change

It will save your life

The only way to see any changes and to be successful is if you are consistent.

Exercise is a habit that can become a discipline in your life

Here are Dr. Sardo’s top 5 benefits to exercise…

  1. Decrease pain: due to the release of endorphins from proper movement and increased oxygen uptake to the brain.

2. Increases strength and lean muscle mass. This will help you lose weight due to the metabolic affect muscle has on energy consumption. Staying strong is vital for healthy longevity.

3. Decreases blood pressure. Just a 30 min walk 3 times a week can significantly impact your health, in a positive way. Ditch those blood pressure meds asap. (Decreased cholesterol, improves blood sugar regulation, decrease risk of heart attack and stroke)

4. Helps with mental clarity. Regular exercise helps decreases anxiety and depression. When we start to move regularly and feel good about our selves we tend to make better choices with food. This helps the gut biome which impacts how we think. GUT BRAIN CONNECTION. Improves mood and energy levelss

5. Improves bone density. Avoid osteoporosis from muscle contraction. this helps to stimulate bone production helping to keep your bones healthy and avoids breaks. Also balance is improved with regular exercise due to improved body awareness so falls are less likely to occur.

6. Bonus: Improves your sex life…..also who doesn’t want to look sexy naked?

These are just a few of several amazing benefits regular structured exercise can have on your life.

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